About us

Glory cakes mainly focus on healthy desserts with less sugar and less oil. Advocating fresh, original taste, a fusion of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other Asian styles.

Glory cakes‘ chefs have been in the industry for more than 10 years and have made 5,000 different cakes. They have rich baking experience and customization capabilities.

Glory cakes is located on the Rose Lane pedestrian street near Southern Cross Station, serving the majority of international students and the Asian community.

Glory Cakes is constantly introducing new cakes with various flavors. You can either come to the store to buy from stock, or you can order customized cakes on WeChat or the website.

The business philosophy of Glory Cake Shop is 'Let the sweetness of the cake connect everyone, and convey love and care'. We are especially good at customizing holiday cakes, theme cakes, and birthday cakes.

Selected craftsmanship combined with superior raw materials present unforgettable tastes and experiences, creating precious memories for customers.


Glory cakes主营是少糖少油的健康甜品。崇尚新鲜,原汁原味的口感,融合了中式,韩式,日式等亚洲风格。

Glory cakes的蛋糕师从业超过10年,制作过5千款不同的蛋糕,有着丰富的烘焙经验和定制能力。

Glory cakes位于靠近南十字火车站的Rose Lane步行街上,服务于广大留学生和华人社区。